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Basic policy of prohibiting association with Antisocial Forces

  • Enacted from December 1st, 2017
  • TMH Inc.

In order to cut off the connection with antisocial forces and prevent damage, we hereby declare that TMH strives to ensure the appropriateness and soundness of our business by establishing the following basic policies.

1. Response as organization
We strongly recognize our social responsibility and establish a system to block relationship with antisocial forces as a whole in order to thoroughly implement compliance management.
2. Prohibiting all associations including transactions
We have developed an information gathering and managing system related to antisocial forces, and we have no relationship with antisocial forces including business relations. We will firmly refuse unfair demands by antisocial forces.
3. Collaboration with external specialized agencies
In preparation for unfair demands by antisocial forces, we will work closely with external specialized agencies such as police, violence expulsion movement promotion center, attorneys and others from the usual point of view.
4. Legal correspondence to civil and criminal cases in emergency
We firmly refuse unfair demands by antisocial forces and will take legal action from both aspect of civil law and criminal law.
5. Prohibition of back trade and fund provision
We will never do backside trading that hides scandals against antisocial forces. In addition, we will never provide funding to antisocial forces.