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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TMH Inc. (hereinafter the "TMH") has established the privacy policy as follows and build the structure in which the personal information is managed accurately. TMH will make every effort to inform all employees of such rules and regulations, and to make them observe so as to properly handle the personal information.

Proper Management of personal information

TMH will endeavor to take the necessary measures in order to prevent the illegal access to the personal information, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of the personal information, and to ensure the security control for the personal information. To ensure the appropriate handling of personal information, TMH shall endeavor to continually strengthen and improve internal systems, including maintenance of the information security system, training all employees.

Purpose of Use

TMH will use the personal information that can identify a specific individual as name, address, telephone number, email address, etc., for the purpose of the marketing, sales, recruitment, and related corporate activities. If TMH uses the personal information for other purposes than the above, will show such purposes in each case.

Providing to the Third Party, Management of Trustees

Except in the following cases, TMH will not provide the personal information to the third party. In case that TMH entrusts with handling of the personal information, TMH will take the appropriate measures to make trustees securely handle such personal information within the services entrusted:
・Cases in which the disclosure is necessary for provide and use to third parties in the compliance with the Regulations for the Handling of Personal Information;
・Cases in which the disclosure is necessary for protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the principal; or
・Cases in which the disclosure is required by law.

Security Control

TMH will endeavor to take the necessary measures in order to ensure security of personal information, and to ensure the security control for the personal information.

Disclosure, Correction etc.

If the principal requests to disclose, correct or delete its personal information, TMH responds to such requests to the extent reasonable after the identification of such principal.

Compliance and Continuous Improvements

TMH will continuously review to improve handling of the personal information in accordance with the Japanese law and regulations, and endeavor to implement revision in its maintenance of this privacy policy.

Contact details for inquiries

For inquiries regarding the handling of our privacy policy, please contact Management Administration Department.

TMH Inc.
Management Administration Dept.
3-14-6, Shimogorikita, Oita-city, Oita, 870-0952, JAPAN
TEL: 097-576-7666 (+ 81-97-576-7666)