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TMH starts to provide refurbishment service for MCA ESC・Ceramic Heater・Magnet.


MCA E-Chuck Heater(150mm, 200mm, 300mm), PVD ESC, ALN Heater, CVD Ceramic Heater, AMAT Magnet and TEL  Magnet are all repairable。

Main models are as following:
– AMAT Producer Ceramic Heater (200mm, 300mm)
– 200mm DCxZ Ceramic Heater (Giga fill ALN Heater)
– 200mm DxZ Ceramic Heater
– 200mm TixZ Ceramic Heater (Gigafill ALN Heater)
– 200mm DcSxZ Ceramic Long Shaft Heater
– AMAT Dual Zone Ceramic Heater(200mm, 300mm)
– 300mm TEL Trias Stage Ceramic Heater
– AMAT CWXZ Ceramic Heater (200mm, 300mm)
– 300mm Purge Ceramic Heater
– Genus CVD 300mm ALN Heater
– APF Producer Ceramic Heater (200mm, 300mm)
– MCA E-Chuck Heater [PVD ESC]


For more information, please refer to ESC repair list

◆If the model you are searching is not listed, feel free to contact us via for more details.

We look forward the chance to serve you.