TMH Incorporation(TMH Inc.)

Turbo Pump・Robot・RF Generator・ESC&Ceramic Heater Refurbish, Brand New&Refurbished Semiconductor-related Parts Sales, Equipment Relocation,etc

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Below models are all repairable. Some model is available for exchange according to inventory. Contact us for updated information.

  • MX1000
  • MX2000
  • MX3000
  • MX4000
  • MX60000-110KL
  • MX010KG-110KL
  • MX012KE-110ME
  • MX020KE-110ME
  • MG5000X-510ML
  • MX030KE-110ME
  • MX060KE-511ME
  • MX075KE-511ME
  • MX100KE-610MJ

Only part of repair list is stated. Unlisted model is also repairable.

Contact us for more information.