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Turbo pump


Below models are all repairable. Some model is available for exchange according to inventory. Contact us for updated information.

Controller for the listed turbo model are all repairable.

  • STP-A2203C
  • STP-A2203C2
  • STP-A2203KV
  • STP-A2203LVS
  • STP-A2203P
  • STP-A2203PS
  • STP-H2001CK1B
  • STP-H2001K1
  • STP-H2001K1B
  • STP-H2002C
  • STP-H2002WAV
  • STP-H2003C
  • STP-XA2603C
  • STP-XA2703C
  • STP-XA2703CV
  • STP-XH2603C
  • STP-XH2603P
  • STP-XH2703C
  • STP-XH3203P
  • SCU-H301C
  • YT17-BA-000 STP-A803 series Air-cooled unit
  • TMP-A2203PV STP-A2203PV
  • SCU-301C TMP controller
  • SCU-H2001K2 TMP controller

Only part of repair list is stated. Unlisted model is also repairable.

Contact us for more information.