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Maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing equipmentparts

Modification, relocation, start-up, sale, and purchase of equipmentand repair, sale, and purchase of parts

Operating international EC-site LAYLA

TMH’s application on the theme of our international EC site "LAYLA" was accepted, and TMH was selected as a "Oita Prefecture Regional Driving Company" in 2020 as a local small and medium-sized enterprise that leads the economy of Oita Prefecture!



Issues faced by customers

Issues faced by customers

Semiconductors are the basis of technology and the backbone of the economy, and are indispensable in various end products such as automobiles, machine tools, 5G, big data, AI, IoT, robotics, smart cities, DX, cyber security, and cloud computing. However, semiconductor factories are facing various issues to stable manufacturing due to changes in the environment surrounding semiconductor manufacturing.

  • Continuous manufacturing cost reduction

    With cutting-edge semiconductors, in order to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage, it is necessary to maximize profits through continuous new investments and continuous cost reductions. To that end, it is necessary to develop procurement routes for cheaper, higher-quality parts and materials.

  • Building a procurement system that can respond to emergencies

    Production at semiconductor factories is in a state of high global risk, such as the occurrence of unforeseen natural disasters and sudden supply stoppages from specific countries. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to take measures to prevent the factory from being stopped even in the event of an emergency, and to shorten the period of factory shutdown as much as possible. To that end, it is necessary to build a system that can diversify procurement routes for tens of thousands of parts and reduce risks.

  • Extending the life of aging equipment

    In many domestic semiconductor factories, aging equipment from 2 to 30 years ago is still in operation, and for the Japanese manufacturing industry, it is also an important semiconductor used in IoT. Factories that use outdated equipment are becoming more difficult to procure, but the means to solve this problem are limited.


From procurement to manufacturing in semiconductor manufacturing,
solutions systematizing information and engineering

Manufacturing support including digitalization

We support various solutions in the supply chain of semiconductor manufacturing parts procurement, logistics, and manufacturing from both digital and engineering aspects, and provide total support for improving corporate profits and creating value.

  • Digitalization

    Manufacturing support including digitalization

    The international EC site LAYLA, started in April 2018, was the key to establishing a total solution.

    LAYLA is a platform that connects suppliers and semiconductor manufacturers around the world.
    Semiconductor manufacturers can view over 300,000 items registered by suppliers around the world, and can easily make overseas inquiries in Japanese. It is highly convenient because you can compare prices and confirm delivery dates from suppliers all over the world at the same time.
    Diversification of procurement routes also plays an important role from the perspective of BCP.

  • Engineering

    Manufacturing support through engineering capabilities

    We are well versed in the configuration of semiconductor devices and the structure of parts, and we are able to make accurate proposals for the issues our customers face. In collaboration with excellent engineering companies and suppliers around the world, we provide a wide range of solutions to customer issues, such as parts repair and sales, yield improvement (CIP, etc.), and purchase of unnecessary equipment and parts. In addition, by operating multiple bases in Japan, we are able to visit customers directly and make proposals with good responses.
    We will continue to contribute to the extension of operation life, cost reduction, and productivity improvement of semiconductor manufacturers.


International EC platform LAYLA

International EC platform LAYLA

Manufacturing support through engineering capabilities

Manufacturing support through engineering capabilities