TMH’s Efforts Featured in the February 2024 issue of “Business Concept” – Oita Prefecture Regional Special Feature “Bringing the Next Attraction of Japan’s Onsen Prefecture to the World”


We are pleased to announce that TMH has been featured in the February 2024 issue of the monthly business magazine Business Concept. This issue instructs startups, new businesses, and regional revitalization projects on the concept of “Fostering ‘Conception’ to Develop New Markets.”


Of particular note is the regional feature on Oita Prefecture, “Special Feature: Bringing the Next Attraction of Japan’s Onsen Prefecture to the World”. In this special feature, Oita Prefecture’s advanced businesses and projects were introduced, and TMH’s efforts were also featured in the article.


TMH is featured in the article “Supporting the Sustainable Operation of Semiconductor Factories,” which details our role in contributing to the economic revitalization of the region. For more information, please click on the following link:


It also includes interviews with prominent Oita Prefecture leaders, such as the Governor of Oita Prefecture, the President of Oita Bank, and the Mayor of Beppu City, detailing the initiatives and policies of the prefecture.


Through these opportunities, we aim to continue to contribute to the development of the region. We will continue to strive to revitalize the local economy through innovative initiatives.